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A fully-equipped serviced accommodation in the heart of Dimapur city, Hotel Lake Shilloi offers flexible service and ultimate convenience. With business centres, hospitals, shopping areas, and dining and entertainment venues easily accessible from the hotel, you can enjoy security and comfort while visiting Dimapur for work or leisure. As soon as you check in you can waste no time in checking out the city that is right at your doorstep.


Hotel Lake Shilloi is named after the legendary Shilloi Lake situated in the southeastern district of Phek. Among the locals, the lake is known as Latsam and is deeply rooted with the local history and folklore. The natural lake is approximately 300km from Kohima, the state capital, and is known for its picturesque surroundings of pine trees, beautiful landscapes and is home to many migratory birds. For more information contact the Department of Tourism.

Lake Shilloi

Photo Courtesy: Design Stash,
Phek District, Nagaland